Out the House and Into the Car

This side of the moment or mountain
Names for a baby, bottle nipple high
Near a dead animal dumb and counting
A deseminule lie re-lived like a dead fly

a sticky day, long roads ahead
x-ray glasses and pink briefs listening
virtual gardens, gl

orified yuppies in beds
dew drops and gum balls
tacky lips glistening

In Eastern union, camel smoke
national 4×4 scooter race awoke singing
Maryland blues by a greenish toke
high steep energy like Mt. Rose face

Yorkshire four wheel truck salvage
mixed in Lewinsky stink
wax lipped kissed package
in a white powder lick

In Rutter’s, the butter’s by far convenient
the best 24hr. deli, my belly
fairy full of Rainier cherries

knees bruised blue yellow
too much work for me too
a lubrication fool, pitted stomach
½ a joke drunk through nostril shoes

quell my fears of grandparent views
like big apple bagels too many to choose
for what should hold close
to my skin on Freeland St.

like a metal horse cock
riding in the free wind
odd like my red colored sock
rocks like wooly sheep locks

trip traveled 3 blocks
in this shitty free red box
on we go west direct a long walk
across specific country spots

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