El Royo Loco Pollo

drove too far last night
there wasn’t a hotel in sight
400 miles of non-vacant spots
finally ending in Salt Lake rots

The Late Nighter Motel
El Royo Loco Pollo
owned by Koreans
we lucked out total
as a sex worker just got the boot
right as we pulled up
our last hope and try
a two bed smoking room
oven dirty filth

smoke hole sheets
so bad we brought our own
blanket and slept up top
after 17 hrs in the sauna of the car
I stank wanted to wash
but the caked tub
hosed head stopped my tracks
the only thing I thought upon rising
is that it’s lucky the car didn’t get
burgled or broken
$70 waste of poor sleep
but happy to be prostrate of some hours

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