Yuba Dip

pulling in to another fill up
further down the snake back
20 cents separates the gas pack
so lines and lines impatient
pulled a maneuver and caused a foray
readjusted and pissed off an old lady
she confronted and took off
switching drivers almost hit a car
out of the blue Rain gave a laugh
and pulled my flips from below her lap
she called me a nut and pinched my butt
and kept on laughing
until the heat got us again
this was right as Cali came into sight
love it love it live this land
green trees and views, lakes and rivers
so much so that we stopped at the Yuba
it was so hot and the oasis
calmed with supple hands to caress our bodies

the water was cool and clear
we walked gentile rapids to a small pool
dipped our bodies
floated in the sun of the evening
reeling in happiness holding
each other a-float
washing the grime of a 3000 mile road

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