Home or Something: Big Sur, August 19th 2003

my second day descending
Big in the Sur
the cabin isn’t as small as I remembered
and we found out there is no money
for an addition, no biggie
I worked yesterday my first day
helped set up and put in
a 500 gal. water tank, hoo-wee fun
got to

learn about building surveying
learned how to plumb a bit
and of course
putting in the water tank

this morning drinking my morning tea
up at the main house I noticed
every morning I’m here,
I wake up to inventory
inventory of the itches
is it mosquito is it spider
but always…is poison oak
I made a solid effort whilst working
to avoid any at all costs
but this morning I found
that I miserably failed
failed again, and failed forever
so now I realize I’m faced with a year
a full body year
of fanatical itching and
low grade irritability waking nights
scratching till bleeding
feeling like I want to
extract the first three layers of skin
with a razor because the sting
is easier than the itching

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