Radiohead plays as I write in my new home

Radiohead plays as I write in my new home
I love it here, pros out way the cons
as much as the con is terrible
the absolute beauty here is undeniable
and now I have to shit
I should of thought of that before
I walked down here
now I’m forced t

o walk back to the main house
no big deal but it always seems to creep
back up by the time I get there
needless to say I look forward
to settling into a routine
now that I think about trading my
orange diamonds for white
do I need it? don’t know but
I’m willing to rely on a crutch
for a while
maybe I should just shit in a plastic bag
I have ass wipe
maybe I’d feel a lot better
maybe then I could concentrate on poetry
instead of this semi-autobiographical
account of boringness
ughhhh! so much better
aside from a few squito bites on my ass
today will be a day of cleaning
sorting the ‘Ranchita’ and pushing
dirt around giving the
aesthetic of cleanliness
we need a shop vac and washing machine
a propane stove and water heater
I think right now all we have is cold water viagra

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