A death.  A body amongst leaves on the sidewalk, found by passersby, the young couple walking their dog.  An old man, you’d expect natural causes, but there’s a pool of blood amongst the leaves beneath his coat.  Was he shot or stabbed?  Why?  By whom?

Blackwood Press wants to hear the story, and many more like it or unlike it.  We’re putting out a call to artists for submissions in a wide range of eclectic, dynamic media for publication on our website.

Our central focus has always been the written word, yet surrounded and complemented immediately by all the combined, mixed media we can produce.  Traditionally that’s meant printed chapbooks and small-run audio compact disc duplication, as well as an occasional full-length book; but today we’re traveling digitally and online, first with our glorified blog of a website, followed by ebooks and other digital editions, and still, we hope, with an occasional full-length physically printed book.

Blackwood Press is small, independent, and powered by creativity.  All forms of artistic expression will be considered for publication on this website.  Artists retain all rights to their work outside of initial publication.

Please submit inquiries and manuscript materials to the address listed below, or use the online form to upload your work. Submitted materials will not be returned unless prior agreements have been arranged with Blackwood Press.

Send manuscripts and materials to:

Blackwood Press
P.O. Box 12121
Grand Forks, ND 58208-2121

Or email us:  blackwoodpress@blackwoodpress.com

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