The Blackwood Press DUB Print Archives

Here are some excerpts from the original print editions of the Blackwood Press DUB, an independently published collection of house-produced and reader-submitted writings, photographs, paintings, drawings and sculpture, bound together in print and presented as boutique ‘zine media.

Each edition was printed in-house, bound and assembled by hand, and was roughly guided to fit 36 pages in length; most were poems, some were short stories, several issues were mixes of those two, some were songs, and even several issues contained audio compact discs with recordings to accompany the text.

The original print edition of The Blackwood Press DUB ran from March 2002 to roughly August 2003 in small double- and triple-digit bursts and was distributed to a short list of subscribers, retail outlets by consignment, and friends. A complete archive has at least at one point in time existed at the University of North Dakota Chester Fritz Library Elwyn Burns Robinson Department of Special Collections Orin G. Libby Manuscript Collection, which Blackwood Press sincerely appreciates.

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