Volume I Number II

April 2002

cover comic ‘Fuzzhead�’ by Amanda R. Becker

Thinking Alone
Michael David

I sit upon an open ledge
Looking over a shallow hedge.
The wind picks up, a nice cool breeze
It moves the grass and rustles the trees.
It continues to blow, getting colder.
I have no cover to escape this draft
It chills and makes my lips chapped.
I start to ponder and it makes me wonder
Why I am still outside.
My friend and I have parted ways
But I can’t wait for those long summer days
When I can sit all by myself
And think of why he’s gone.

stupid mistakes
Maggie Possum

i make mistakes though. someitmes i make really bad mistakes, but what can you do because i think that everybody makes mistakes, some mistakes means different things to different people, some are more important to me than they are to you. but either way we all make mistakes and somehow you need to be able to fix it so that you can at least sleep, and the night and the people that you really care about do think you are a complete shithead.

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