Volume IV Number I

November 2002

front cover photograph by Aleksandar Maric
back cover drawing by The Loner

confusion, age 23
Meena Shah

it is now time for you to decide
this time I am not coming with you

i have grown too far from the place before
where we were fresh and knew
that tomorrow would never give too much to take.

what an absurd assumption.
so now i stop planning what i do not know.
i stop Waiting for Godot.

this…this is it this time. this transaction to action! yeah, yeah…YEAH!

our games linger behind us
until we need them again.

the world we find will fall 10,000 times
it will be wrong, then fit, then fall again
each fall crawling closer to the gray humiliation,
the failure necessary to shape this growth.

then…another time will come for you to decide
how to find a new truth.

this is no fairytale, so expect no promise for the
happily ever after.

midnight ramblings
Tom Schauer

friendly jealousy
midnight ramblings
alone I stand hidden
in a doorway
in an acoustically-
heightened room

my faults

my insecurities

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