Volume IV Number II

December 2002

cover paintings by Nicholas Zeman

Table of Colors
Nicholas Zeman

Come sit at my table of colors
watch them twirl in the candlelight
for these are the shades of summer
and it is still early in the night.

The colors of a caravan
spanish green and gypsy red
remind me of a memory
I thought was cold and dead.

What is the color of your kind?
can the shades of the heart deceive the mind?
quiet is the love that shines
in the shadows of your soul.

Come sit at my table of colors
watch them twirl in the candlelight
for these are the shades of summer
and it is still early in the night.

Northern Lights
Jacksone Leonard

Listening to the Winter Wind
it has a story to be told
feeling alive as the night begins
in love with the dark and the cold

Come with me tonight
there’s love in the city lights
and Christmas traffic does excite
the lust between me and you

I would say the colors are so true
green, red and a moon that’s blue
Dark before New Year’s morning
but when the light comes through
will I be like new?

Listening to the Winter Wind
it has a story to be told
feeling alive as the night begins
in love with the dark and the cold

Uphill Skiing
Pheely Velvet

Evan and Roderick came over to Jack’s and had a cup of coffee and some cigarettes. Jack put on some classical radio and said, “God I’m lonely, have either of you gotten laid lately?”
“A chubby girl gave me a handjob three weeks ago,” Roderick said.
“Yeah,” Jack asked, “then what happened?”
“I fell asleep in her bed and woke up to country music on the television.”
“Did you kiss her at all?” Evan asked.
“Yeah,” Roderick said, “yeah, of course.”
“Did you feel her cunt?”
“Yeah, I felt it with two fingers. I probably could have fucked her, but I blew it from her handjob and passed out in her bed.”
“I went to Colorado and met a chick there,” Evan said. The radio was playing the weather and Jack stood up to get more coffee, holding out his hand for Evan’s mug as he began to tell his story.
“It was a small ski town, but it was kind of a big ski town. It’s called Vail, Colorado. It was a small pub, Gold Digger’s, with live music from a band called The Trend Hippies. Me, my brother, and two of his friends had been drinking pretty heavily at high altitude, so after about two drinks at the bar you could start to feel it.”
Jack returned with the coffee and gave them their mugs and walked over and switched the radio over to the ‘soul funk’ station, KFNK, broadcast from downtown.
“Anyways, so I worked my way up to the bar, ordered a drink, a local microbeer, Ski Brew, and this lady next to me, she pays for it.”
Jack and Roderick each inhaled a sigh of interest and looked at each other, then back to Evan.
“So I ask her her name,” Evan continued, “and she said her name was Lucinda.”
“Mm hmm,” Jack and Roderick exhaled.
“I said, ‘That’s a nice name, I used to date a girl named Lucinda,’ and she says, ‘You aren’t dating anybody right now?'” As Evan said this Roderick stuck his arms into the air and began gyrating his hips in his chair, as a sort of victory dance. Evan continued, “I said, ‘No,’ and we began talking about your various subjects throughout the duration of our drinks, and I bought us another round. Eventually we ended up out on the dance floor. It was a really small bar, so we were dancing pretty close, see, and we began to start touching each other, you know, here and there, a few drunken feels, you know, and after that I start to sort of black out a bit, you know, here and there.”
Roderick and Jack both sat back in their chairs, holding their cups of coffee. The soul funk continued.
“I remember,” Evan went on, “us kissing at the bar. So at some point we left the dance floor and went over to kiss on the bar. I remember that. And I remember by brother’s roommate, Chico, buying me a shot of whiskey, Danish Bee Whiskey, and I blacked out again.”
Jack and Roderick nodded their heads, sipping from their cups of coffee.
“Then I remember the barlights flickering, looking for my brother and his friends to get a taxi back to the ski lodge. Lucinda was standing right by my side. We had a short conversation and I convinced her to come back to our condo at the lodge. Well, she didn’t need that much convincing. I told her it was twenty-five miles there, so I would have to give her a ride home in the morning. She was okay with that. So, we all packed into the taxi. It was a tight fit, so Lucinda had to sit on my lap.”
Jack took another sip off his coffee and Roderick looked at the radio, listening intently to Evan.
“For about twenty minutes we were kissing in this tight dark taxi. Nobody could really see, so we weren’t offending anybody, and here I start to black out again, but I keep kissing her. We keep kissing all the way back to the lodge in this tight dark taxi. I’m blacking out, here and there, you know, because of the rising heat in this tight-fitting taxi, and all the excitement with Lucinda.”
“And the Ski Brew,” Roderick said.
“And the Ski Brew,” Evan said. “And the altitude. All of it. Anyways, I remember when we finally got to the lodge, my brother and his two friends started in on more beer, a case of some expensive imported stuff from the lodge gift shop, Chocolate Malt, from Switzerland. They were eating the leftover Chinese take-out we had from the day before.”
“That’s funky,” Jack mumbled.
“Yeah,” Evan said, “but Lucinda and I, we went up to the condo, alone. And now this is where it starts to get interesting.”
Jack and Roderick both looked up at Evan as he took a sip off his coffee, then continued with his tale.
“We’re in this small room with a big bed,” he began, smiling. Roderick and Jack smiled too.
“We had been on our feet, dancing all night at the bar, so we decided to sit down on the bed. Sitting felt so good, we figured it might be even better to lay down. She reached for my belt buckle and started undoing my pants, which I thought was a very helpful thing for her to do. So I started to undo her pants, sort of to return the favor. Both our pants came off and she wasn’t wearing any underwear.”
“Mmm,” Roderick moaned as Jack leaned forward, listening intently to Evan. The soul funk radio played.
“She had her hands on my bare chest, you know, feeling my curves, as I was doing a little feeling myself. I put my hand between her legs, noticing she didn’t have any hair, and stuck my fingers into her. She was very wet. Only then did I know that she was truly wanting.”
Roderick and Jack looked at each other and back at Evan.
“That pussy,” Evan said, “it was a good pussy, shaved, tight, no mess, and really slippery. At that point, I was pretty interested. I figured I needed to investigate this woman a bit more, and so I went down with my head between her legs. I licked her cunt, ate it, I ate her pussy. It was clean and sopping wet and it smelled like roses, and it tasted like cotton candy. I was licking, chewing, sucking, and she began screaming. She was talking, babbling, chanting in tongues, wailing up through the stars. And I still had my underwear on!”
The radio played its soul funk. It was the middle of the afternoon and the sun hung high in the sky. Jack and Roderick had both drained their cups of coffee and forgotten about the mugs they held in their hands. Evan continued.
“She was trying to take my underwears off with her feet as I sat slurping her hot popsicle of a gash. I gave her a quick hand with my shorts and she pulled me up towards her chest and told me to fuck her.”
“Fuck me,” Lucinda commanded, her small, mounded breasts pointing into Evan’s mouth.
“I moved up into her and spread her legs,” Evan told them. “My cock was swollen three times its normal chubb erection. It was sweaty and throbbing, standing taller than the surrounding mountain range. My entire body and soul was concentrated into that pulsating slab of flesh between her legs, and it slid right in.”

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