Volume VI Number IV

July 2003

cover drawings by Amanda Rae Sisk

Amanda Rae Sisk

Water is on the rise
And it meets the skies
It engulfs a town
And refuses to go down.
North is the path of this river
And all before is quiver.
Another town it will surround
As everything flees to higher ground.
Residents told to leave tonight
Instead stand and fight.
With destiny they make a date
As water rushes to the lowest spot of the state.
Bags of sand
Everywhere I try to stand.
Forget your fear
The water is hear.
A town surrounded by a dike
That people take turns to hike.
A town to save
With no time to sleep or shave.
Over the water we did persevere
For out town is 200 this year.

Red Eyes
Amanda Rae Sisk

There in my house
On this terrible night
Violators have entered

Why did all the lights go out?

Of all nights why this one
The last night I ever
Saw my father drunk.

Oh my God! Do you see them red eyes?

I only wanted a glass of water
And he just turned on me
With his bloodshot eyes.

The eyes are gone and the lights are on.

Five butter knives in a row
In hard kitchen tile.


Painted Sands
Amanda Rae Sisk

Angels sprinkling
Rainbow colored sands
That dance
On black velvet
With pin holes
And the radiant light
Of their wings
Shine through

The Room
Amanda Rae Sisk

In the hallway of the basement of the
West Ward
Lies a cold room next to the morgue
and the incinerator
The white door lies open almost jokingly
inviting You in
The floor is flooded from rain and
times of neglect
As the room beckons me closer my feet
make a crunch
Ice forms in a warm hallway
As I shine the light to pear into the void
The room swallows it
For the rays fall on nothing of its interior
The door remained open and
The Room
Was left unintruded upon
To keep its secrets

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